For branded products outsourced

Intertek's Quality & Performance Mark (QPM) can be utilized to ensure the quality of components and products throughout the supply chain. It provides independent, third-party assurance that each product that passes a battery of tests meets a benchmarked level of quality & performance.

A global leader in testing, inspection and certification services, has announced the availability of a new webinar titled: Using Intertek's Quality & Performance Mark for Business to Business Solutions. The webinar will be conducted on Tuesday, April 28th at 1 p.m. EDT.

More and more, manufacturers and retailers are simply managing a supply chain with the design and manufacture of their branded products outsourced. This leaves them vulnerable to their supply chain, leaving brand image dependant on the quality and performance of someone else's work. How can you reduce this risk? Put the weight of third-party testing behind your supply chain and behind your products.

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