HC International

The management team of MadeInChina.com Corporation will hold 40% of Madeinchina.com, and HC International will take up the reminder.
Under the agreement, HC International will offer new corporate users with CNY 10 million worth of preferential offers, who are entitled to pay two thirds of membership fee. And the government will cover the remaining one third.

Spokesperson for Hc360.com says that the much-hyped campaign will benefit 3,000 to 4,000 small and midsize companies.

The combination of financial crisis, faltering demand overseas, and tightening credit has so far taken a toll on Chinese companies, especially those largely dependent on export. To lead them to make a turnaround, the local government in Hangzhou has been standing firmly behind small and midsize companies by offering them with most favorable preferences and financial support.

HC International, an investment holding company, operates as a business-to-business community primarily in China. The company provides business information through online and offline channels. It operates an on-line market place and provides industrial search result prioritizing services, through its business-to-business Web site hc360.com.

HC International tends to dole out as much as CNY 10 million to bankroll Madeinchina.com in the coming three years in a bid to build it into an online e-commerce and international trade hub, according to Bu Kaijun, an executive from Madeinchina.com.

Mr. Bu discloses that the website has been in talks with HC International for help since last October when their business went into a tailspin.

In terms of the agreement signed by the website with HC International, Madeinchina.com acquired a 40% stake in the website and gained the right to manage and operate the website for several millions of yuan.

Mr. Bu says that the corporate structure of Madeinchina.com has been finalized and they have settled down in Haidian District, Beijing. Members of the management are all e-commerce industry veterans.

Besides, Madeinchina.com has renovated its Web pages. And they will put their priority on traditional paying member service and international only payment service.

Lately HC International signed an agreement with local government in Hangzhou to jointly get behind small businesses in the city to ride out the global financial crisis and industry slowdown.

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