B2B Mag Revenue Drops

Five of the categories that exhibited growth in magazine revenues (with the highest first) were agriculture, transportation & logistics; architecture, design & lighting and aerospace, military & professional services.

According to the latest data culled and parsed from American Business Media's Business Information Network, b2b magazine revenue experienced an overall decline of 7.3% last year; however, that fact is offset by more positive tidings: five of the 22 categories examined by BIN showed growth. So all was not lost.

Despite the revenue decline and the continuing economic downturn, ABM President and CEO Gordon T. Hughes remains optimistic about the b2b magazine sector."While b-to-b magazines have experienced a 7.3% decline, other b-to-b media platforms have declined less or showed growth,” he said in a statement announcing the revenue drop. "For the long term, we believe that b-to-b media will continue to serve the needs of the marketing community with superior products and services, and will grow accordingly."

The breakdown for the revenue drops per quarter is interesting.

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