B2B marketing

Sales Leads Steps for Success teaches businesses how to grow by providing simple, quick, and cost effective steps to find and capitalise on new business opportunities. Additional insights include:

· Planning objectives for success
· What questions to ask business list and B2B sales lead suppliers
· How to get the most out of direct mail and other direct marketing activities
· Tips on email marketing
· What to consider when setting a budget
· The best ways of measuring the success of marketing campaigns.

Failing to look for new sales opportunities could mean the difference between small business success and failure according to a new online guide, Sales Leads Steps for Success, produced by B2B data and business list supplier .

“Businesses don’t need to spend a fortune to bring in new customers; it’s about working more intelligently,” says Richard Lloyd. “By looking at your best existing customers, you can identify trends and find more prospects just like them. Those prospects are often the best place to start when targeting new business.”

The search for new sales and customers should never stop, even during a recession. Businesses that focus solely on looking after their current customers while neglecting to develop new business are making themselves more vulnerable to failure, according to the guide’s author, Richard Lloyd, general manager of infoUK.

The practical eBook guide was designed to give small business owners and those new to B2B marketing, valuable insight on affordable and easy ways to find new customers. It also includes advice on how to measure the success of B2B marketing campaigns to make sure they are cost effective. The ‘Sales Leads Steps for Success’ guide is available to download at www.infouk.com.

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